Welcome To The DiviMade Documentation:

Hi , this is Muhammad Talha from Divi Temp & I'm going to tell you 'How You Can Import the DiviMade Sections in your Website.'

And I'm assuming that you've already Installed the Divi Theme or Divi Builder. So Let's Get Started.

Step 01:

Once you purchase the Product, you'll get a File to Download. Just download both (Product & Supplementary) File.

Step 02:

Open Supplementary Folder & Copy that Custom CSS Code. Or you can copy from below.

@media (min-width: 767px) {
	/*set the width of the button*/
	.et_pb_newsletter_fields .et_pb_newsletter_button_wrap {
		flex-basis: 165px !important;
	/*set the width of the input field minus the width of the button*/
	.et_pb_newsletter_form .et_pb_newsletter_field {
		flex-basis: calc(100% - 165px) !important;

.custom-opt p.et_pb_newsletter_field {
    min-width: 100%;
.custom-opt p.et_pb_newsletter_button_wrap {
    min-width: 100%;

Note: This is just for Email Optin Module. If you'd like to use the section which has Email Optin Module then use this CSS, otherwise leave it.

Step 03:

Login to your WordPress Dashboard & Hover Divi Tab, then Click "Theme Option".

Step 04:

Scroll to the Bottom & Paste that Custom CSS Code right here. That's It!

Step 05:

Hover Divi Tab, then Click "Divi Library".

Step 06:

Now Click "Import & Export" then Click "Choose File".

Step 07:

Unzip the folder & open it. Then you've to select the file you'd like to import. For more info, please take a look at our 'File Structure Document'.

Do the same thing for "All Sections 02/03". This will import all the 880+ Layouts.

Note: It will take time (2-3 min) to Import the Templates depending on your Internet Speed or server speed.

You need to Install Divi Supreme Extension (Free Version) for Business Hours Sections. First install then Import all the 'Business Hours' Templates. Download Here >

Step 09:

Create A New Page. Give it a name & Click 'Use Divi Builder.'

Step 10:

Once you've created a Page. Its time to import the layouts from the library. Click "Plus Sign" - then Click "Your Saved Layouts". From here you can select the Layouts you'd like to use. Then click 'Use This Layout.'r

Layouts/Modules/Section Previews Are Now Available - Please Download Supplementary File From Your Account.

Due to copyright issues, we've removed images. But you can upload your own within a given size for better result.

That's It! You're Done 😎

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