📄File Structure

Understand the DiviMod File Structure:

  1. All Section Layouts

  2. By Category

  3. Individual Module Style

01. All Module Styles

These files includes all modules like pricing, testimonials, etc. So if you'd like to import all Modules at once. Then you can use 'All Module Styles.'

02. By Categories:

If you just wanna use the Specific module then what you should do?

We've a solution for that. For Example: you want to use only 'Contact' module on your website. Then you can do that by following these steps (Mentioned In Installation).

This will allow you to only import 'Contact' Module only and not any other Module Styles.

03. Individual/Single Module Style:

If you wanna go more specific like we told you in Previous Slide. Mean, you want to use the Contact Section in your website but you just want to use only 1 template & don't want to import any other 'Contact' Templates.

Then Go to Individual Files (You will find 'Individual Files' in every categories - separately) & select the Template file you'd like to use in your website.

You've to follow the same steps to import/use the Module File.

That's It! You're Done 😎

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