🛑Important Note

We realized that Our Customers doesn't have much knowledge about our Products. And they just asked for Basic things, which we don't handle, but Eleganthemes does.

Sometimes, the problem is caused by Plugin/Theme/Server but they think our Layouts have some issues or errors. But that's not true. Because we only provide Layouts and it just works like a simple file. You download the file then import & edit it.

But in the future, we're looking to provide more Video Documentation and Tutorials for our customers. So, they can take the Best Advantages from our Products.

In last, you should know from where you should get support (Elegantthemes or DiviTemp)

Support from DiviTemp:

  • If Layouts are mismatched from the given Layout Previews (you will find them in Supplementary Folder).

  • If you want us to Install DiviTemp's Layouts (We provide Free Installation).

  • If you think Layouts aren't Responsive for Mobile & Tablet.

  • If you're getting an error while importing them to the Divi Library.

  • If you'd like to know more about our Products.

Support from Elegantthemes:

  • Sales, Billings, and Refund (support@elegantthemes.com).

  • If you're getting an error while importing them to DiviCloud.

  • If the Layouts are taking time to import Layouts to the DiviCloud.

  • If DiviCloud is taking time to Generate Screenshots.

  • And more technical stuff from the Plugin/Theme side.

But you can always ask us any query from us. We'd love to answer your queries (contact@divitemp.com).

Thanks and Regards - Love 💖 from DiviTemp

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